Seeking Warmth

It has been quite cold here the last few days.  In response to that, I tend to gravitate toward projects that will offer some kind of warmth.  Today, I finished a cowl.  It’s called the Integral Entrelac Cowl by Kate Winkler.  The cowl is knit in the round instead of flat like Entrelac is usually worked. I used my hand spun yarn to knit the cowl. I am quite pleased with the way the finished project turned out.




I look forward to wearing it.  The lovely colors and the promise of warmth are truly appealing.


Thanks for allowing me to share with you!



An Old Pattern For The New Blog

Today I will be posting a cabled scarf pattern that I wrote.  The pattern is inspired by the Urban Zen Cabled Hat by Margaret MacInnes.  For this pattern any worsted weight yarn will do nicely.  I used size 8 needles, but feel free to use needles that give you the look you want.   Just a quick reminder, the edges did tend to curl just a bit, so blocking will be necessary.




Isaac’s Scarf**

Recommended yarn:

Worsted Weight

Recommended needles:   5 mm


20 sts = 4 inches in stockinette (since this is a scarf pattern gauge isn’t really all that important though so don’t stress out if yours is off a bit)


k : knit

p : purl

p2tog : purl 2 together

k2tog : knit 2 together

c2r : slip one stitch onto cable needle, leave at back, k1, k stitch from cable                                   needle

c2l : slip one stitch onto cable needle, leave at front, k1, k stitch from cable                                   needle

Cast on 33 stitches

Rows 1 through 10: knit each row

Pattern Rows:

1: k5, p5, c2r, c2l, p5, c2r, c2l, p5, k5

2: k10, p4, k5, p4, k10

3: k5, p5, k4, p5, k4, p5, k5

4: k10, p4, k5, p4, k10

Repeat pattern rows until scarf is desired length.  Then do 10 more rows of knitting each row and cast off.

** This pattern was inspired by the Urban Zen Cabled Hat designed by Margaret MacInnis.

Note:  You can also do a slip stitch edge if you prefer a “neater” looking edge.